Fairing Bracket Repair

When I replaced the fairing bushings the passenger side was still floppy. It wasn't hard to find the problem. One of the pin guides was broke and the pin was horribly worn.

It's hard telling how many hundreds of thousands of miles this pin has been rubbing.

I ordered a new bracket from Amazon. They had the best price.

Part number 20530283.

The new bracket already had a broken part. The bottom bushing had broken off. It must be a common issue as the other brackets had the same bushing missing.

I didn't realize how big the fairing was until I sat it on my workbench. The four bolts holding the bracket on were rusty but they came off with some muscle.

The only disassembly is to remove the roll pin. It was rusted so I had to drill this one out.

The replacement pin was tapped for a M5 screw, so I guess others had a hard time with the roll pin as I had.

The repaired part. The fairing is now rock solid. While the fairing was off I ground some of the rust off a couple of the metal brackets and hit it with some primer.

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