Fairing bushings

I noticed the step fairings on both sides of the truck were floppy. A quick investigation revealed the holes in the bushings were worn.

You can see how the hole is worn. I found the front bushings were worse than the rear ones.

I ordered four new ones. They were about $3.50 each.

I thought it would be a trivial job to change them. Silly me. One nut came off. The other broke. They didn't slide out but, no problem, I'll just drive them out with a punch. Wrong! I found out the bolts go through a sleeve, and the sleeve had rusted to the bolts. I had to cut them off with an air grinder.

I had no desire to buy new bolts and sleeves. A little piddling found that a 5/16 bolt fit perfectly. No sleeve needed.

I enlarged the holes in the bracket and mounted the new bushings. This setup is rock solid.

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