Control panel

Since I installed the inverter the remote panel for it has sat next to the microwave above the refrigerator. I could never find a place to mount it that suited me. I also couldn't bring myself to cut a 1.5" x 1.5" hole to mount it in. I didn't want something that permanent.

One day a google search popped up a picture of a marine control panel. Hmmmmmm...interesting. I could do something like that. I started pondering. I found a dual display voltage gauge on Amazon. I had a box of Carling switches I had bought on Ebay.

This what I came up with. The battery and solar voltages are switched. I mounted a red LED light on the ceiling and there is a switch for that. The inverter remote panel now has a home. The control panel is mounted at the top of the open storage compartment above the refrigerator...easy to see, but out of the way.

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