Kisae Inverter

When I bought my truck it came with a factory inverter. However, it was non-functional. I tried to take it apart to see if it was repairable but had no luck. It wasn't a huge deal since it was modified sine wave and only a 1000 watts. The nice part was the truck was wired with AC outlets.

One of the requirements for retitling the truck as a recreational vehicle is to have AC power. Technically I could have gotten by with a shoreline but we wanted the truck to be more independent than that. After doing some research I decided to get a 2000-watt pure sine wave inverter/charger from Kisae. It had good reviews and recommendations.

I bought the inverter from They had the best price and it came as a package deal with the 1/0 cables, fuse, and other accessories. It also had the optional extension cable for the remote display. I mounted the inverter in the driver-side jockeybox. Mounting it on the wall used up very little floor space. The six foot cables easily reached the battery compartment. The cables exit through a grommeted hole in the floor left over from the factory inverter setup.

I found a small fusebox at Menards. Each of the three outlets now have their own circuit. Before they shared a single breaker.

I also mounted a DC fuse block on the underside of the seat near the back of the box. I'll use this for other accessories and when I build my trailer converter circuit board. Two things I'll be powering soon from this fuse block are the refrigerator and a rechargeable flashlight.

I mounted the fuse on the battery box bracket. The inverter kit came with the battery connection boots. I connected it to the kill switch. The kill switch was previously mounted on a couple sets of brackets and was kind of sketchy. I simplified the setup with one heavier bracket in a more accessible location.

It took a few evenings to get everything installed. I also replaced the rusty, factory shoreline connector.

The inverter display is removeable to become a remote display. When I fired it up everything worked! I had AC power. When I plugged in the shoreline the inverter charged the batteries while passing the AC power through its built-in transfer switch.

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