Antenna mount

My truck came with load lights mounted to the fairings. The mounting brackets were super rusty so I took them off and tossed them in the recycle bucket. With the brackets removed there was now some slop in the fairing bracket. I needed something there to take up the space.

Peterbilts and Kenworths often have their CB antennae mounted to the body. I like this look over mounting on the mirrors...especially since the Volvo mirrors are plastic. I even bought some antenna mounts for the truck. I didn't use them because I was afraid the mounting studs weren't long enough for the fiberglass roof. I had previously bought some "bird perch" antenna mounts, but didn't use them either because I couldn't find a good way to run the coax.

I needed an antenna mount. I needed something to take up the space from the old bracket. I needed something to mount some lights on. Hmmmmm....

I used some angle iron and made these brackets to satisfy all three needs. I connected the new LED lights to the old load light wiring. They do a nice job of lighting the area around the fairing steps. I ran the coax behind the cabinetry to the overhead CB compartment. That was a pain. On the other side I mounted a VHF antenna. Running the coax on that side was even more painful due to the HVAC ducting.

Another 'adventure' was finding matching paint for the brackets. I looked at a bunch of different places online and in stores. NAPA ended up having Volvo paint books for trucks. They whipped up some spray and touchup paint. It matches very well.

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