Besides using the truck to pull a fifth wheel we've also talked about just taking the truck itself and using it as a camper. We decided to put a TV and DVD player in it.

I had initially thought about getting a 24" TV, but after some measuring I realized that would be way too big. I ended up getting an Insignia 19" TV and a Sony DVD player with wifi from Ebay. Mounting the TV was a much easier project than running the cable to the antenna.

The mounting arm for the TV had two extensions but I found it worked much better with only one.

The TV pivots into the cabinet for storage and pivots out for easy viewing from the top bunk or the dinette.

I can run a patch cable from the TV into the radio and use the truck stereo for a surround sound.

The set up works amazingly well. I can use the wifi in the DVD player and watch shows on Hulu. Using the digital antenna I am able to pickup 28 over-the-air digital stations sitting in my driveway.

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