TrailerSaver shocks

I purchased my TrailerSaver hitch used. I've noticed on forums that some other people's TrailerSaver hitches have shocks to help with dampening chucking. My hitch has holes for the shocks, but no shocks.

I think these would be a worthwhile addition so I did some searching of shocks to see if I could find some that would work. I was hesitant to call Trailersaver and see if they sold them. They charge $500 for their third airbag kit which consists of an $80 air bag and a metal bracket. I could only imagine how much they'd charge for the shock kit. After not really finding what I was looking for I decided to call TrailerSaver. I was shocked (pun intended) to find they only charged $99 plus shipping for the kit.

Here is the kit. Two OESpectrum 5752 shocks and mounting hardware.

It only took a few minutes to install the shocks.

Here are the specifics of the kit. The shocks can be bought online for $25/each but it is just as easy to buy the kit from TrailerSaver.

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