Dash switch rearranging

My truck came with what seems to be a common arrangement of dash switches. Jake brake switches to the right and most of the air-related switch in the left upper pod. You can also see that the air dump switch is upside down. I'm presuming because the legend is upside down.

The trim strips pop off to reveal the screws (T25) that hold the panels in place.

I plan to have a video monitor in the rightmost switch pod so I decided to move the Jake brake switches over to the other pod. I also removed the 5th wheel air slide control and the interaxle lock switch since neither will be used when I'm done.

With the dash apart moving the switches is simple. There is plenty of wiring behind the dash to relocate the switches. I corrected the legend in the air dump switch and set it in correctly. The switches left in the right pod are there to fill in the holes.

I also found that the pigtails for the auxiliary switches were bundled under the fuse panel. Good to know for future reference. I might use an auxiliary switch to power the video camera.

Update November 2017: I made some changes in the switch pods. I moved the Auxiliary switches to the lower right steering wheel pod. This allowed space for the engine fan switch. I also reinstalled the fifth wheel switch and interaxle switch. The fifth wheel switch will apply air to the TrailerSaver hitch. The interaxle switch can provide air for future upgrades.

The new locations of the Auxiliary switches.

I added two lighting switches in the left steering wheel pod. They will be for the drom box and bed lighting.

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