The maplights in my truck needed some work. The driver's side light was held in with a ziptie and the passenger's side needed one as it was prone to falling out. Neither side worked well and the lenses were showing their age. I've noticed newer trucks also have a red light for night time use. I decided to build replacement lights.

As projects go this is pretty simple. I used a SPDT switch to maintain the 'on/off/on with door open' functionality of the factory lights. I used some Carling switches I'd gotten off Ebay.

To mount the lights I made a couple metal 'wings' that clamp the light assembly to the headliner. I drilled/tapped the wings to use the same screws that mount the lights themselves to the plate. They are hidden behind the chrome trim ring. The lights are nice and solid. They won't fall out and hit you in the head like the factory lights would.

I had pondered adding a second light above the door on the bottom of the roof cap to light up the area around the steps. By placing the white light near the door I found this wasn't necessary. It does a nice job of lighting the steps.

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