Leveling rod replacement

One of the YouTube channels I occasionally watch is Life with Chase. He is a DIY guy who also owns a Volvo 780 and sometimes he does things to his truck which I find interesting. On one episode he talked about his truck developing a vibaration which he traced to a broken air leveling valve rod. He said the leveling rods with plastic ends are prone to breaking. One of the short term solutions is to ziptie the bottom of the rod to the axle mounting point. He replaced it with a newer one-piece rod that doesn't have those issues.

The new one-piece rod part number.

That got me to thinking. I have an air valve leveling rod with plastic ends and the bottom is secured with zipties. Did someone do a field repair to mine? I decided to order the newer rod. I don't want any issues in the future.

When I removed the original leveling rod it was indeed broken. It was removed with a 10mm socket.

A comparison of the old and new rods.

The new rod installed.

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