TrailerSaver air hitch

One of the big expenses involved in converting a truck to tow a fifth wheel trailer is the hitch. When using an HDT most people use some type of air hitch to cushion the trailer. There are three main hitches used:

TrailerSaver ($3000)
Comfort Ride ($3500)
ET Hitch ($4300)

Were I to buy a new hitch I would have probably bought the Comfort Ride hitch. It uses cellular foam blocks instead of air bags. Given the prices for new hitches I often searched CraigsList and other sources for used hitches.

Luck came in October 2017 when I found a TrailerSaver TSLB2H hitch for sale in Bloomington. It was at a place I'd never heard of before...Premium and Exotic Wholesale. They do highend truck and car conversions. Above is a truck they were selling.

I was happy to get the hitch. I paid less than half the cost of a new one and it also included a goose neck attachment. You can pull a pin, remove the fifth wheel mechanism, install the goose neck attachment, and have an air ride goose neck hitch. The hitch was in very good condition. The air bags were good. There was no slop in the bushings. I went to Rural King and bought a moving dolley so I could move it around the garage. It weighs nearly 300 pounds.

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