Grille and hood mirrors

The Volvo came with a single round mirror on the passenger side. After looking at trucks for years I knew I wanted a set of the aerodynamic mirrors that Volvo offers on their newer trucks. Some of the 'plastic chrome' on the grille had peeled off so I bought a replacement grille. I would replace them all at once since removing the grille would give me easy access to the mirror mounting bolts.

The grille is held in with ten bolts. Behind the grille flange was 822K miles of dirt and debris. The horizontal radiator support bracket had some rust on it so I ground it off and repainted it.

I also found a punch laying behind the grille. I wonder how long it has been there?

The inserts for the screws are adhered to rubber blocks. A couple of the bottom inserts separated from the blocks. The rubber blocks in turn are bolted to the hood. I had to the drill the blocks to get them out.

I went online and ordered a replacement mounting kit.

The old single, round mirror.

The mirrors don't come with instructions or patterns. One of the goals when mounting the new mirror was trying the cover the holes left by the old mirror. I used painter's tape to lay out the mirrors. The punched holes are the old mirror holes. The red circles are where the new holes will go. I was able to cover the old holes.

I got the new passenger mirror mounted and it looked good. I hopped into the cab to get some tools and checked out the new mirror. Sh!!t. You could barely see the new mirror. It was way too low. I had focused too much on covering the old holes and ASSumed since the mirrors stick out so far they could be easily seen where I mounted them. When I properly remounted the mirror it still covered half of the holes. Guess I will need some fiberglass epoxy. Doh!

Here is the inner bracket that comes with the mirrors. This is on the driver's side. The hood is tilted in this photo.

When I took the new grille out of the box I was surprised to find it included a new mounting kit. I quickly went online and cancelled the previous order. I transferred the Volvo emblem and protective screen over to the new grille.

New mirrors and grille. I love the new mirrors. Future plans call for a chrome bumper to replace the abused factory piece. The truck also needs a good wash & wax, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

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