Fuse/power block

While doing some wiring I had to access the Power Relay 4. The outputs on the other side of the block were not intuitive. I purchased a fuse block on Ebay for $9 so I could map the pinouts.

The outputs:

C3-1: PR3 output.
C3-2: A3 output.
C4-1: PR1 output.
C4-2: B6 output.
C5-1: B5 output.
C5-2: PR2 output.
C6-1: A4 output.
C6-2: PR4 output.
C7-1: A2 output.
C7-2: Not used.
C7-3: B2 output.
C7-4: B1 output.
C8-1: Not used.
C8-2: A7 output.
C8-3: B8 output.
C8-4: B7 output.

The inputs:

C9-1: PR4 trigger+.
C9-2: PR2,3,4 trigger-.
C9-3: Not used.
C9-4: PR2,3,4 trigger-.
C9-5: Not used.
C9-6: PR2,3 trigger+.
C9-7: PR1 trigger-. (the PR1 trigger+ is tied high)
C9-8: PR2,3 trigger+.

This is the part you see when you remove the dash panel.

This is the output side of the fuse/power block.

Normal disclaimer: This applies to my 2004 Volvo VNL780. Your truck may vary.

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