Fumoto drain valve

I plan to do most of the maintenance on the truck. That includes oil changes. I don't have anything that will hold the 11 gallons of oil my Cummins ISX 870 holds, so I needed something to manage the oil release. I have Fumoto drain valves on most of my vehicles. No drain plugs to mess with. Just move the lever and drain the oil. I was happy to find Fumoto makes a valve for the Cummins ISX. T211 is the part number. I purchased the T211NS version with a nipple.

My oil only has about 500 miles on it so I didn't want to wait until the next oil change to install the valve. Besides, I want the valve installed before the oil change. I decided to do the 'quick swap' install. The stock plug uses a 20mm socket or wrench. My plug was on super tight so I had to break it loose with an impact wrench. As soon as I removed the plug I put the valve in. Only lost a cup or so of oil.

I also plan to do oil sampling so this valve will make that very handy.

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