Front shocks

One of the many things I replaced during the overhaul of the truck was the front shocks. While the front bumper was off I decided to tackle the project since it gave me more room to work.

I used Gabriel shocks (P/N 85061). To allow access to the shocks I also removed the fender liners. This was a project unto itself. Rusty hardware and worn out speed clips fought me on both sides. The bolts & nuts for the shocks are both 24mm (15/16" fit even better). Three of the four bolts came loose with an impact gun. The last one required a four foot breaker bar for added persuasion. Many people have to torch the old shocks off so I guess I was fortunate.

Replacing the front shocks was one of the projects I wasn't looking forward to. The original shocks were shot. It was nice to finish this project and be done with it.

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