T.L. Woods drom box

One day I was surfing Craigslist ads looking for Volvo trucks. I found one near Springfield, Illinois, that had been converted to an RV hauler. It had several nice features and I was interested. So much so that I emailed the owner for more info.

Most Craigslist ads include a map of the location of the item for sale. In one of the pictures I could see their garage had a white roof. I used Google maps to search for the white barn roof in the area provided by Craigslist. I found it! This gave me the address. An internet search of the address gave me their names...Robb & Caroline Isaacs. Internet detective work.

I searched the Escapees HDT website to see if they were members of the forum. They were and I found the above picture of their truck. I was immediately drawn to the large drom box. It was huge!

During our email conversations about the truck I mentioned the drom box. He said he still had it and would like to sell it. Yes! Eventually we made plans to meet so I could purchase the drom box and look at his truck.

Craigslist pictures of the truck

Robb had described the drom box as 'heavy' and that he probably wouldn't be much help moving it due to his health issues. He said three guys could probably load it without much difficulty. I called TL Woods who had made the box for a weight estimate. When I described the box he said it was a custom build and could easily weigh 300-400 pounds or more. I knew it would probably be Donna and I so that sounded like a lot of weight.

I pondered several loading scenarios and packed the trailer and Jeep with every tool I might possibly need. Hand truck, motorcycle jack, lumber, tons of straps, and a bunch of other tools. I prepped the trailer and Jeep for travel.

9/24/2016 - It was a foggy morning when we started our journey. We left around 7:30 am. The trip will take about 4 1/2 to 5 hours depending on stops and such. The first leg of the trip was down US50 to Olney, IL. There we stopped for a break. I checked the trailer and noticed the hand truck had moved. The strap had come loose and was gone. Damn...it was one of my good orange straps. I also noticed the strap holding the wood had loosened and some of the smaller pieces of lumber had disappeared..scattered across Illinois I guess. I restrapped everything and constantly monitored the load in the mirror and was aggravated about my poor packing job.

The route took us in a northwesterly direction through the towns of Newton, Effingham, Pana, Taylorsville, and eventually Springfield. There was a truck for sale in Taylorsville but the guy never got back with me. I never completely trust my GPS to get me somewhere and I was having doubts today. There was only several miles to go and we were still in the outskirts of Springfield. Within a few miles we were in a more rural setting. When we approached our destination we saw the big Volvo 610 sitting in the driveway. Impressive looking.

I had told Robb we would be there around noon and due to the time zone change we arrived about 20 minutes early. We knocked on the door and introduced ourselves. You could quickly tell Robb and Carole are nice people. They are my parents' age. We walked to the backyard where the garage was located. The drom box was in the rear of the large garage. It was setting on a creeper so it was easy to push around. I told Rob I'd take it. That was a given. Now to load the beast.

I backed the trailer to the garage and due to the rise of the land the tail of the trailer was low to the garage floor. Sweet! We pushed the drom over to the trailer and did some pondering. We decided to lower the box onto the trailer. I wrapped a strap around the drom feet and the trailer so the feet wouldn't kick out. We also used some foam insulation Robb had and a sleeping bag Donna brought to pad the box so the trailer wouldn't scratch it. We were able to lower the box and push it up over the axles. Loading the box didn't end up being a problem at all! That was a huge worry off my mind.

I pulled the Jeep back into the driveway and we started looking at the truck. He showed me the features and electronics he had added. We took it for a drive and Donna rode in the back. It was fun to drive but the clutch was VERY stiff. The stiffest clutch I've ever driven. The Autoshift transmission shifted nicely but I didn't like the clutch. There's no way Donna could drive it. Another thing about the truck I didn't like is the bed he had put on to support a Smart Car. I had no use for it. I liked the truck configuration better when he had the drom box on it. Also, there wasn't enough room for an air hitch that I preferred to use. Donna and I had looked at several trucks earlier in the week and we both liked the condo cab models. There's just so much more room inside. Eventually it was time to go. We said our goodbyes. It felt good meeting Robb and Carole. They are good people.

At the crossroads of I-74 and IN-63 is a place called the Beef House. We eat there whenever we are in the area. Donna wanted to eat there so our route back included a stop at the Beef House. Even before we had arrived at the Isaacs' Donna knew she couldn't last until the Beef House. Carole had recommended a place called the Westwood Pub. When we left the Isaacs' we found it on a GPS search and went there.

When we got there I checked the load. All was good. Here is the drom packaged on the trailer. It is slightly wider than the trailer rails.

The food at Westwood was great. They had the best froglegs Donna has had. It felt good to have lunch and have the drom box packed safely on the trailer. Now all we had to do was get home.

Since the Beef House was no longer a requirement I did something I rarely do. I told the GPS to take us home and followed its route. We stopped on the eastern outskirts of Springfield for fuel and fresh pops. At Decatur we went south to Macon, then to Mattoon, where I saw a train! We stopped there to stretch and check the loads. The mirror was playing tricks with me and it looked like the drom box had moved back some. It hadn't. It was right where we had put it. From here went through Charleston then down to Greenup where we started a long stretch east on I-70. We exited onto US-231 and took the 'normal' route through Spencer, Bloomington, and home. I backed the trailer to the garage. I'll unload it tomorrow. It had been a great day. Nice travels, meeting good people, getting the drom box, and getting to spend the day with Donna.

The next day I backed the trailer into the garage. Using some straps and an overhead pulley I unloaded the drom box by myself. I washed it inside and out and oiled the locks. It was nice to find out they were all keyed the same.

Here is my new-to-me drom box. It is 7 feet 4 inches tall, 7 feet wide, and 2 feet deep. It's a beast. The bottom row is one compartment. The upper left and middle compartment are one compartment, with the right compartment being its own compartment. Robb had a camera in the inset box in the middle. I probably will, too.

Now I need to get a truck to put it on....

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