Depo lighting upgrade

Volvos have a reputation for poor headlights and this was confirmed the day I brought it home. After 822K miles the factory housings were glazed and crusty. I knew I would be replacing the housings with Depo housings as they had the best reviews from my research.

In addition to replacing the housings I will also be upgrading the lights to HID. A fellow HDT'er sells replacement lights through his company, Deep Space Lighting.

Amazon had the best prices at $158 each. They were well packed.

The HID upgrade kit.

The HID kit is plug and play and very well thought out. The stock projector is replaced and adapter brackets are included. The blue & white harness is for the low beams. The low beam connector plugs into the blue-tagged connector. The high beam plugs into the red-tagged connector. When the high beams are switched on power goes through the blue crossover wire to continue to power the HID light. The green-tagged connection plugs into the projector and flips up a shutter that allows more lighting for the high beam function. The blue box is a resistor to fool the Volvo lighting computer into thinking there is a bulb there. The included instructions are very good and there are installation videos on the internet so I won't cover the installation.

One thing to mention is the connection to the ballast. Normally there is one tab on a connector and the orientation of the mating connector is obvious. The connector on this ballast has a tab on both sides. I didn't notice this at first and plugged the harness in the wrong way. I spent about fifteen minutes troubleshooting when the HID light didn't work before I noticed the plug can go on either way. At this connection the white wire goes to the "-".

The Deep Space kit doesn't use the high beam bulb as this function is taken over by the low/high beam projector. As I looked at the setup an idea formed in my mind. I could plug the high beam bulb in place of the resistor and insert a relay into the blue crossover wire and be able to use both bulbs for the high beam. This rewire requires another source of 12V to power the low beam side during high beam mode. I don't think the addition of the halogen high beams makes a huge difference but my thinking is if it is there then I might as well use it.

Beautiful new lights on a filthy truck.

I haven't did much night driving with the Volvo but the test drive with the new lights was amazing.

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