Dash Gauges

There are several trucking channels I like to watch on YouTube. One of the things I like about the Kenworths/Peterbilts are the many dash gauges. I think they look cool. The Volvo has a more automotive style dash with common gauges. More obscure gauge information is available by scrolling through the information display.

I had some gauges left over from projects I've abandoned so I thought about adding some gauges to the truck. I had a couple gauge pods and I tried some locations. The one that seemed the best was on the dash in front of the steering wheel. They could be easily seen without being obtrusive.

I had emptied my rightmost switch pod because I planned on putting a video monitor there. A 7" monitor fits there from what I have seen. These days, however, 9" and 10" monitors seem to be the norm and probably wouldn't fit there. I was watching one of my favorite YouTube channels, JonesN2Travel, when I noticed they had a couple factory gauges in their switch pod. Hmmmmmm...that could be a good place for some extra gauges.

I ordered an 1/8" thick piece of pebble-grained plastic to use as a faceplate. I mounted it to the factory switch pod. I carefully laid out the six gauge locations and used a 2-1/8" holesaw. I had to be careful because there wasn't a lot of room between the gauges and I didn't want to crack the plastic. The gauges fit into the holes but the mounting brackets interfered with each other.

The gauge pods I have use a press fit to hold the gauges in place...no mounting brackets are needed. I made a second faceplate using a 2" holesaw, then trimmed the holes so that each gauge was a press fit. I used a cutout from the first drilling to accurately mark the holes for the holesaw.

This is what I came up with.

Air gauge - I will be adding an auxiliary air tank for my air horns and the air hitch. I already had this gauge from an abandoned project to monitor the air in the F250's airbags.

Fuel gauge - I added a sender to my second tank. This way I can make sure the fuel splitter is working properly. The truck uses a 240-33 ohm sender. The rest of the gauges are self explanatory.

I will add the sender installations as I accomplish them.

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