Title conversion

One of the things most HDT hauler owners do is re-title the truck from a semi tractor to an RV or motorhome. This usually does away with any commmerical operating requirements (CDL, weigh stations, log books, etc.) and allows for cheaper insurance.

Some states are easier than others to do this title conversion. There are a few states that don't allow it at all. The Heavy Hauler Resource Guide has a list of requirements by state. This is where I got the basis of my information to perform the conversion in Indiana.

The first step was to download the following forms:

Indiana form 39530 (Physical Inspection of a Vehicle) - this is required because the truck was bought outside of Indiana.
Indiana form 39771 (Report of Vehicle Body Change) - this is required to re-title the truck to an RV.
Federal Register section 571-3 - this defines the federal requirements for a motorhome. The following is the important paragraph from the federal register:

I filled out the forms as much as possible then placed a call to the sheriff's department to have an officer come out and perform the inspection and fill out the paperwork. The officer who came out hadn't heard of HDT haulers before but he was completely taken with the idea. He checked out the truck and took some pictures for his wife to look at.

A couple days later I made the trip to the local BMV. In addition to the above paperwork I also took the title, bill of sale, and proof of insurance. I was a little apprehensive that 'something' might go wrong and they would reject my paperwork. My fears were unfounded. I walked in the door at 10:58 and left at 11:24 with my new RV-Motorhome title paperwork in hand. A week later my RV plate and registration came in the mail.

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