Tru-Balance sleeves and Centramatics

Since I bought the Volvo it has had a shimmy in the front end. Before I take it to a shop I wanted to do some things that were within my capabilities that might lessen the problem. The first thing was to use Tru-Balance sleeves. These take the slop out of the brake drum and the wheel and center them. The second thing I'm doing at the same time is installing Centramatic balancers. I've ran these balancers on my Goldwing for years.

The parts have been sitting in the garage for months. Thanks to July 4th being on a Wednesday, and taking a day of leave, I had a 5-day weekend. I finally decided to tackle the job.

The Tru-Balance sleeves (P/N B-1860-CON-A) thread unto the wheel studs in a triangular pattern.

The brake drum centers on the lugs of the sleeves. The wheel centers on the other part.

I was happily surprised when the Centramatic balancers (P/N 600-650) slid over the Tru-Balance sleeves. I thought I would have to enlarge the holes.

When I do some driving I'll report back any improvements.

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