Cab Torque Rod conversion

When I replaced my cab shocks and airbags one of the things I wanted to accomplish was to get the truck to quit leaning to the right. You can see in the above picture it didn't work. The airbags are leaning and the horizontal shocks are different lengths. The snubber on the left is on the bump stop and there is over an inch gap on the right side.

I've noticed newer Volvos no longer have the horizontal shocks. Instead they use a torque rod to center the cab. Internet research showed that some people have converted to the torque rod setup so I decided to also. It seems like a better idea to me. Just wish I'd seen this before I bought the horizontal shocks. It was a lot of work.

I purchased the parts online. The brackets are P/N 20727214. The torque bar is TMR96337.

I had to remove the leveling valve to get to one of the shock bolts. Then I removed the horizontal shocks. I saved a couple of the shock bolts to use with the torque rod.

Next I removed the bracket behind the leveling valve bracket. It is no longer needed and allows easier access to the other bolts that still need removed.

I removed the bump stops. You have to remove the left side but I removed both for symmetry. I left the rubber snubbers on since I'm sure it would have been a fight to get them off after 17 years.

The hardest part of this project is drilling the second mounting hole for the brackets. I took my time, measured twice, and my hole was dead-on. Sharp drill bits are your friend. I drilled 1/2" holes.

Here is a good picture of the installed bracket I found on the web...hence the blue truck.

Red arrows - where the left bump stop used to be.
Green arrow - the new hole that needs drilled.
Blue arrow - a hole for an airline mounting bracket (not used on newer trucks).
Yellow arrow - the leftmost mounting hole for the leveling valve bracket (also not used on newer trucks).

This is how far off center my cab was. I used a come-a-long to pull the cab over.

With the torque rod installed the cab now sets level and centered.

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