TV/FM antenna

Besides using the truck to pull a fifth wheel we've also talked about just taking the truck itself and using it as a camper. We decided to put a TV in it, so it will need a decent antenna.

After some research I decided to get this antenna made by 1 By One. It got good reviews. It also includes an FM antenna lead for the radio...which I need.

I was happily surprised to find the antenna fit perfectly on the old satellite mount. I was expecting to have to raise/lower the mount due to the size or height of the antenna. I also thought the mount was metal but it is some kind of polymer. The hardest part of this installation was digging through my cabinets looking for four 1/4" bolts.

Only the top half of the antenna protrudes above the fairing. Hopefully it will receive well without being a height obstruction.

Running the cables was a pain. To access the entry point you have to remove the upper overhead console (eight T40 bolts) and then the wall panel (christmas tree fasteners).

The actual entry point unscrews which makes it easier to run the wires and seal them. Here is the old cable from the Qualcomm.

The cable runs under the side trim. This was a battle. I thought it would be simple to fish the cables in and around the trim and cabinets. Nope. I eventually got the TV coax into the cabinet opening where I'm going to mount the TV. It took 10-foot and 17-foot antenna extensions to reach the stereo.

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