Grover air horns

When I brought the truck home I was driving through a small town in Wisconsin. Some kids on the sidewalk did the "honk your horn" signal. I pushed the air horn button and...nothing. I pushed the other horn button and got the wimpy little electric horn. I knew then that two things needed to happen. I needed to fix the air horn button and I needed a set of 'big truck' air horns.

I found a set of 24" Grover air horns on Ebay for $75. Pretty good shape although the end covers have some rust on them. They are the 'big truck' type not the 'fire truck' type. Think Smokey and the Bandit. They sat on a shelf for over a year as I pondered where to mount them.

When I put on my chrome bumper I noticed the bumper mounting brackets had large holes in them. I wonder if the air horns could be mounted through there somehow?

The smaller end fit through the hole. I pondered several mounting bracket ideas then wondered if I could use worm clamps. The worm clamps worked great. Maybe not the most glamorous mounting method but the horns are rock solid.

I still need to supply air to them. I need to see if the problem with my factory air horns is electrical, air related, or the horns themselves.

Update April 2018 - I finally had time to continue with the installation of the air horns. I found the air horn wire where it passes thru the MCFC connector. I was able to determine that pressing the horn button did indeed apply a ground to the circuit. The issue with the factory air horn is farther down the line. Maybe a bad air solenoid or connection to the solenoid pack?

I ordered an air solenoid, 1/4" air line, and various 1/4" PTC (push to connect) connectors from Amazon. 1/4" seemed like a small size but it is the size recommended by Grover and Hadley. There were some extra fittings on the main air tank so I decided to use it for the source of air.

The actual running of the air lines was simple using the PTC fittings. When I tried to install the solenoid onto the air tank I found the air tank fitting was metric. M16-1.5, so I had to purchase an adapter to 1/4" NPT (also from Amazon).

I decided to use the steering wheel button to trigger the air horn since the factory air horn wasn't working. I tapped into the horn wire at the MCFC connector. I'm not a big fan of the splice connectors but space was limited and the air horn isn't a critical circuit.

I had a spare paddle switch and an open spot on the left switch panel so I added a second switch for the air horn. It was easy.

I charged the air system and hit the switch...HOOOOOOONNNNNKKKK. The sweet sound of a big rig air horn.

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