Grover air horns

When I brought the truck home I was driving through a small town in Wisconsin. Some kids on the sidewalk did the "honk your horn" signal. I pushed the air horn button and...nothing. I pushed the other horn button and got the wimpy little electric horn. I knew then that two things needed to happen. I needed to fix the air horn button and I needed a set of 'big truck' air horns.

I found a set of 24" Grover air horns on Ebay for $75. Pretty good shape although the end covers have some rust on them. They are the 'big truck' type not the 'fire truck' type. Think Smoky and the Bandit. They sat on a shelf for over a year as I pondered where to mount them.

When I put on my chrome bumper I noticed the bumper mounting brackets had large holes in them. I wonder if the air horns could be mounted through there somehow?

The smaller end fit through the hole. I pondered several mounting bracket ideas then wondered if I could use worm clamps. The worm clamps worked great. Maybe not the most glamorous mounting method but the horns are rock solid.

I still need to supply air to them. I need to see if the problem with my factory air horns is electrical, air related, or the horns themselves.

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